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Hair Fall Prevention With DHT Blocker

DHT Hair Loss

When you are diagnosed with androgenic alopecia, it is most likely that you have dihydrotestosterone (DHT) induced hair fall.

The DHT link to baldness needs to be diagnosed at the earliest if one wants to have good hair implantation results.

Formed by an enzyme called 5AR, DHT is known to prolong the resting phase of the hair (telogen) and decrease the growth phase of hair (anagen).

This calls for its management by the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad with advanced knowledge about the use of hair fall medicine.

Though DHT induced baldness is regarded as one of the causes of hair loss in women, the problem is more pronounced in men.

What happens in men with DHT triggered androgenic alopecia is the gradual decline in hair growth, calling for accurate medicine for hair fall control.

This function is better done with DHT blocker, a special type of drug that slows down the impact of DHT in both men and women diagnosed with male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness respectively

While the adrenal glands produce DHT in men, ovaries become the main source of this hormone in women, thereby becoming instrumental for hair loss causes in men & women alike.

If excess DHT is released, it can damage hair follicles. Worse, a delay in treatment can have serious consequences as one may not obtain the optimum hair transplant results.

We at Trichos hair transplant centre are always at the forefront of providing the best hair fall treatment for DHT induced hairloss for which the key is foolproof diagnosis mechanism.

Once diagnosis confirms DHT induced hair fall, Trichos experts look at the pros & cons before prescribing specific medicine for hair fall control like finasteride, a popular DHT blocker drug.

Known to be the best medicine for hair fall and regrowth, finasteride is an FDA approved drug containing hair fall inhibiting factor type II 5 alpha-reductase.

When it comes to success rate, finasteride is known to work for hair loss prevention in case of male pattern baldness.

Sometimes, both hair loss medicine such as a DHT blocker like finasteride & a hair transplant surgery happens simultaneously for better hair implantation results in an androgenic alopecia patient.

But, there is a catch for hair transplant clinics, especially for those who aren’t trained enough to understand the complications of DHT blockers over the adverse effect it has in causing erectile dysfunction in alopecia patients.

The best way to avoid such a scenario is to consult experts at Trichos hair transplant centre for not just a safe & reliable hair treatment results but a hairloss treatment that’s affordable.

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It came as a surprise to learn that DHT hormone imbalance was the reason for my untimely hair fall. It was Trichos that provided the hair fall medicine that checked my hair fall. Must visit.

Anusha J


I was struggling with hair fall prevention, but little did I know that the cause was a hormonal link. Thank you, Trichos.

Sampath Kumar


The way Trichos counsel patients is something that I liked the most. Before initiating treatment for my hair loss, everything was explained to me clearly. Definitely, the best hair clinic in Hyderabad.

Ajay Kumar


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