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Best Alopecia Treatment Centre in Hyderabad

Struggling with ways to find the best alopecia treatment in Hyderabad?
Welcome to Trichos Hair Transplant Institute & Research Center – your best bet to treat all forms of hair loss!

While etymologically speaking, ‘alopecia’ describes any form of hair loss, people tend to confuse it with androgenetic alopecia – the hereditary hair loss that is common in both men and women alike.

While several medical reasons can lead to alopecia, it is important to understand its different types.

Sometimes, alopecia can be an accompanying side-effect of an untreated skin disease one has or appear because of using chemotherapy drugs as in cancer treatment.

Alopecia: Two Categories

Primarily, alopecia can be divided into two main categories: Scarring & non-scarring.

The main difference between the two is that in scarring alopecia, the hair loss is irreversible while in non-scaring alopecia, there is a chance to regain hair regrowth with hair fall medicine.

What’s to be understood is that many a time, lack of awareness about the alopecia condition one suffers from may delay one’s treatment on time.

We at Trichos offer a one-stop solution for dozen odd alopecia types, making Trichos one of the best hair loss centres providing the best alopecia treatment in Hyderabad, including those forms that are considered rare. Whether it’s alopecia areata or androgenetic alopecia, Trichos has the expertise to treat all alopecia forms at our centre for alopecia treatment in Hyderabad.

Types of Alopecia:
While there are about a dozen alopecia types, the medical condition that causes alopecia in a person differs from one to another. This calls for expert diagnosis into each type.

Thanks to our Root Cause diagnostic technique – a brainchild of Trichos founder and chief hair transplant surgeon Dr John W – our experts examine one’s scalp to detect the type of alopecia one is affected with before offering one the best hair loss medicine.

Book an appointment today as Trichos expertise in alopecia treatment in Hyderabad includes the following types:

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